REWIND – The Work of Women’s Hands: Maryland Chintz Quilts with Liz Lay for Montgomery History

We're excited to listen to this great History Conversation hosted by Montgomery History - excerpt from their website is below!

"When we think of 200-year-old quilts, we imagine humble pieced bed coverings made of scraps. In fact, the oldest Maryland quilts are objects of great refinement, made of expensive imported fabrics such as glazed chintz. One of the most important of these is our Clarksburg quilt, created by Sarah Clark Willson around 1820. Curator Elizabeth Lay will examine the chintz quilt tradition, the Clark family, and later chintz quilts in the collection. She will share close-up images of 26 stitches per inch quilting patterns as well as the appliquéd compositions and the Clark’s Store daybook which provides a snapshot of life and needlework materials during the period. Join Lay for an opportunity to see these quilts in all their glorious detail."

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