Lone Star Quilts

The names Star of Bethlehem and Lone Star are used interchangeably for this pattern. Equally fine examples were made with a single star, as well as a central star surrounded by smaller ones. In either instance, the pattern's name does, in fact, refer to a celebration of Texas, the Lone Star State. The first appearance of this pattern in the 1830's slightly predates the fall of the Alamo in 1836, the founding of the Republic of Texas, and the use of the Lone Star as a symbol of the new republic on its flag.

In its most basic form, this pattern features a central star without surrounding stars, appliqué, or other designs, and in terms of quilt chronology may be considered an adaptation of the Central Medallion format. Many examples do contain smaller stars and/or other motifs surrounding the central one, but these are considered variations on the classic design. Another variation, the Broken Star, connects the points of the main star with a repetition of each arm of the star to form a zigzag ring around the central motif. This variation makes a particularly dramatic presentation.

Lone Star Quilt with Broderie Perse: Circa 1830

Glorious is the best way to describe this Lone Star quilt with chintz border and applique (broderie perse). The colors are as vibrant as the day it was made in the 1830's. It is finely stippled quilted with diagonal lines.
The quilt is in excellent, unwashed condition. The chintz retains its original glaze. There were a very few nicks in the chintz border. Rather than risk any additional, I had very fine netting sewn over the border to stabilize it. It is evident to the touch but not to the eye.
Measurements are 83" x 88".

Traditionally, the Lone Star is made of diamond-shaped pieces that radiate from the center in concentric rows. It is critical that the eight patches that form the star's center be exactly equal in size, precisely cut to 45-degree angles, and perfectly aligned. If they aren't, the error will be compounded row by row, and the remainder of the quilt will be increasingly out of kilter.

Feathered Lone Star Quilt

This is a dramatic and unusual variation of a Lone Star Pattern. The triangles, or feathers, around each arm of the star is an unusual feature that makes the quilt appear to pulsate. A quilted wreath frames each of the LeMoyne Stars. Many quilting patterns are used throughout the piece, all finely stitched. A variety of mid-19th century printed fabrics are harmoniously combined to offer a pleasing blend of light and dark.

The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in excellent condition. Pennsylvania origin. Made circa 1850. Measurements are 80" x 82"

Beginning in the 1920s, Lone Star kits became available for purchase. More often, though, these quilts started with homemade patterns and carefully chosen fabrics and represented the pinnacle of the quilt maker's art. Skillful manipulation of color, prints, and fabric can create the illusion of pulsation - a true starburst.

Star Of Bethlehem Quilt: Circa 1860; Pennsylvania

Dramatic Star of Bethlehem quilt with beautiful printed fabrics on a solid white ground. Surrounding stars set in squares are an unusual variation. Quilted mostly with patterns of circles that are a nice contrast to the straight lines of the pieced pattern.

Professionally laundered; pristine condition.
Measures 84" square.
Pennsylvania origin; circa 1860.

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Lone Star Crib Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania

It's not often that one sees a Lone Star (aka Star of Bethlehem or Texas Star) quilt in a crib size. This fine example is done with perfectly Pennsylvania colors. Four different calico prints are well combined with a fifth one for the backing.
The blue corner blocks are nicely quilted with small diamonds and a cable pattern in the border. Measurements are 40 inches square. It is in excellent condition with a pea size smudge in the outer border. There is a tiny hole on the back where it probably got caught on something as the fabrics are altogether quite strong. The hole shows in the last thumbnail photo.
Berks County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870's.

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Lone Star Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania

This classic Lone Star (aka Star of Texas or Star of Bethlehem) quilt is finely pieced and quilted. The solid colors add punch to the dramatic pattern. The scalloped edge, in addition to the elaborate quilting, adds softness to this very bold design. Pristine condition. Berks County, Pennsylvania origin; made circa 1920.
Measurements are 84" x 86" to the outside edges of the scallops.

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Star of Bethlehem Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania

Pristine condition Star of Bethlehem quilt on an unusual indigo calico ground. Nicely planned with the central star repeating the fabrics of the corner stars. Unwashed condition. Border fabric may "read" as pink but is actually a tiny red and white stripe. Measures 76" x 78: Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1880.

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