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Guide To Antique Quilt Collecting

Caring For Old Quilts

The question most frequently asked of an antique "How can I wash my quilt?" The wise advisor offers no single answer. Each quilt must be considered on the basis of age, fabrics, and general condition.

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Displaying Antique Quilts

Most quilts were made as functional objects. Many have survived more than 150 years and will continue to last if handled with a modicum of care and respect. When choosing a quilt, consider the use to which you plan to put it. Some are obviously much more durable than others.

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What are the 3 Types of Vintage Quilts?

The two techniques used to make most quilts are applique and piecework (or patchwork). Applique quilts are made by sewing a fabric over a background material to create a design, while patchwork quilts are created by abutting pieces of fabric next to each other, creating a new surface of material. 

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What Makes A Vintage Quilt Valuable?

Whether you are looking to buy an antique quilt, or have inherited a collection, you might find yourself asking, "How can I tell if a quilt is valuable?" A variety of factors can influence the value of a vintage quilt, but there are several key questions that you can ask yourself to get started.

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Log Cabin Quilts

The Log Cabin pattern became popular in the 1860s, during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. It celebrates a key element of the Lincoln legend–his humble birth in an Illinois log cabin in 1809.

There seem to be an infinite number of variations on the Log Cabin quilt. In all examples, though, the basic block is a square surrounded by rectangular strips of fabric.

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Basket Quilts

Quilts that celebrated the simple geometry of the basket first appeared in the second quarter of the 19th century. They were made either by piecing, appliqué, or a combination of the two techniques. The Basket pattern probably developed among women attending agricultural fairs, where quilts were exhibited.

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Customer Reviews


Stella Rubin quilts has the by far the best  and one of the largest collection of antique quilts. They are often rare and unusual and always in outstanding condition - most from the 1800’s, and at a  very fair price. Returns are always easy based on 20 years of experience. 

South Carolina

A wonderful experience with Stella Rubin: quick responses, customized shipping and, above all, a beautiful quilt that my wife loved as a birthday present.


Condition is #1 with old quilts and I am was so pleased to see that the quilt called "Touching Stars" I purchased from Stella Rubin is absolutely "Stella'r"!


This quilt is awesome. The packing was great and very fast shipping!


Lovely antique quilt in almost excellent condition. As described and Stella gave great customer service.


Love my purchase! Seller is A+

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