Grandma Carpenter Map Quilts

We are pleased to have sold two quilts made by Harriet and Uriah Carpenter (aka Grandma Carpenter) to The International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. One of the quilts is a map of the United States and the other is a map of Pennsylvania. 

These two quilts were drawn out by Harriet's husband Uriah and executed by Harriet. They were made as teaching tools for their grandchildren. They are illustrated in "Quilting Traditions" by Patricia T. Herr who described Grandma Carpenter as "the most innovative Lancaster County quilt maker yet known".  

These quilts will join two others in the IQM collection where they have  Carpenter's Rainbow Quilt as well as her Stars and Comets. The quilts were made at the turn of the 20th century.

 Map of Pennsylvania quilt designed by grandfather Uriah Carpenter (1825-1900) along with Map of United States as teaching aids for grandson William Cullen Carpenter. Embellished with decorative needlework along the bottom edge, "Made and presented WCC by Grandma Carpenter aged 75 1906 executed by Harriet Carpenter (1831- 1915), Warwick Township, 1906" Appliquéd and pieced top with cotton outline and other decorative stitches, cotton batting, cotton back, 73" × 84.5"

Map of United States quilt with states, surrounding lands, and oceans. According to family history it was to be used by grandson William Cullen Carpenter to learn his geography. No presentation statement appears on this example as it does on most of the other Carpenter pieces. Designed by Uriah Carpenter (1825-1900), executed by Harriet Carpenter (1831-1915), Warwick Township before 1907. Appliquéd top, cotton batting, cotton back. 77" x 94.5"  

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