Through July 28: Woven Histories: Textiles and Modern Abstraction

National Gallery of Art
Woven Histories: Textiles and Modern Abstraction
Through July 28, 2024
Washington, D.C.
In the 20th century, textiles have often been considered lesser—as applied art, women’s work, or domestic craft. Woven Histories challenges the hierarchies that often separate textiles from fine arts. The nexus of textiles and abstraction embodies key political, social, economic, and aesthetic issues that have shaped the history of the modern era. Putting into dialogue some 160 works by more than 50 creators from across generations and continents, the exhibition explores the contributions of weaving and related techniques to abstraction, modernism’s preeminent art form. There are many in-person and online programs associated with this exhibit.

Marilou Schultz (Navajo/Diné), Replica of a Chip, 1994, wool, American Indian Science and Engineering Society (photo from exhibit website)




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