White and blue nine patch signature quilt-1392733.
nine-patch-signature-quilt-1392733-detail-of bottom left corner.
Bottom right corner of blue and white nine patch antique quilt with signatures.

Nine Patch Signature Quilt: Dated 1933; Indiana


This unusual Nine Patch Signature Quilt is signed with 1000 embroidered names. Written in ink on the back it says "Made by Miss Jennie Neff's S.S.Class 1933 Howard Earl Smith from Grandma Cowher". I presume SS refers to a Sunday school class and that Howard Earl Smith was the the pastor. I am also assuming that the 1000 names are those of the parishioners as it is far too many for a single class. Why Grandma Cowher was the donor is something of a mystery. Perhaps she actually made the quilt and/or paid for it. All of the embroidered signatures are done in the same hand.
The quilt is well made on fine cotton. It is quilted with tulips throughout the sashing. It is in pristine, unwashed condition. Measurements are 75" x 77". The minimalist design made by the signatures makes for an interesting graphic in addition to the mystery of the inscription.

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Lovely antique quilt in almost excellent condition. As described and Stella gave great customer service.


Love my purchase! Seller is A+


I would happily deal with this seller again. Her prices are reasonable; her inventory, superior.

Miriam R
New Jersey

Stella Rubin is the BEST. not only does she have magnificent pieces, she is most accommodating and pleasant to deal with.

Ron K